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Malcolm and somewhere in the middle

Can you guess the lyic
They were all in love with Dian they were doing it in Texas
Originally posted by dascoot@Aug 2 2005, 01:50 PM
Any clue on what the family on Malcolm In The Middle's last name is? Or where they're located?

The last name of the family has never been revealed on the show, but several sources have reported that it is Wilkerson. This is the result of a joke that appeared in the original pilot script. In that script, Malcolm was walking to school when a neighborhood kid came running up shouting, "Malcolm, Malcolm, Malcolm. I was talking to my parents last night - I was listening to them talk, and what's your last name?" "Wilkerson, why?" Malcolm replied. "Oh. Who are the Pariahs?" said the other kid. The joke was eventually cut, and the show's writers subsequently decided never to reveal the family's last name so as not to designate the family as being of a specific ethnicity.

Don't think they've evr even mentioned so much as the state where they live. Only locations I've ever heard are Alaska and (Montana?). Two places Francis lived after military school.
Originally posted by Enyone@Aug 2 2005, 04:55 PM
Can you guess the lyic
They were all in love with Dian they were doing it in Texas
Butthole Surfers - Pepper

:lol: Fitz you looked it up, you're so cute. It was meant to be a trick questions since there's no answer, but 10 points and a half-eaten s'more to you for thoroughness!
Had to look it up. I'd never wondered about it and had to know once you asked. Only trivia I've ever noticed is the hamster in a ball. :p
Hamster what now?

I was wondering about it one day and looked up the same passage once. Another one I want to know is what's Red Foreman's real first name?
Dewey relesed a hamster back to the wild in one episode but he left it in one of those plastic balls that roll when the hamster walks. You see it in the background of other episodes from time to time just rolling by. :lol:

I think they used Reds first name in a flashback episode of when him and Kitty met.

Yep. It's Reginald :p