Gap "Summer Breeze" skirts and tank tops


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Gap's at it again with new ads named "Skirts are in the Air" and "Layers of Color." This time featuring flirty skirts and layered tanks. Both ads take place on a desert island and feature the same song: a remixed version (for the ad, by Philip Steir) of "Summer Breeze" by Seals and Crofts.
I think I know what song you're trying to describe Michelle. It's by KOOL & THE GANG -the title is FRESH. Oh and you're welcome.
Michelle wasn't asking a question. She was identifying the new Gap ad, for those who wanna know.
No no no it's HUMMINGBIRD!!! Hummingbird!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Oh, Givem, I think you're trying to describe the Artist: Nelly Furtardo the Title: Fly Like A Bird -- Oh and you're welcome!
Does anyone know where to get the remixed version?
i think it was done just for the ad. On Gap's site, I think it says "original for the ad.."
It is true. My father owns an advertising agency which basically creates commercials for the local public -- He uses ORIGINAL songs because they cost much less and he doesn't have to pay "ROYALTIES." So unless the company advertising is wealthy original songs will be very common.
Song: "Summer Breeze" (1972)
Original by Seals and Crofts remixed fro the Gap ad by Drummer/Producer Peter Seir. And YOU are very welcome... thank you!

Been trying to get my hands on it anyway I can... it's quite awesome and terribly sticy in the head. If anyone knows where it's available, let-a-mi-know!

I've been trying to figured out what the woman's name is who does this commercial... does anyone know?

the actress? well, there are two different ads with the same music, and two different actress/models... so which one are you referring to? (i don't have a clue on either girl, by the way)
The actress or model on the GAP homepage
... "Skirts are in the Air" commercial
I believe her name is Jessica Miller. It took me a WHILE to find her...i was curious as well
Actually im pretty positive.

Heres some pictures.
If you like the song Summer Breeze, there are two other versions of it. One is by the Isley Brothers and my favorite version is by Type O Negative off of their Bloody Kisses cd.
What about that other model's name? The chick who peels off all those shirts on the beach. She's mad hot.