Gap "Put a Little Love in Your Heart"


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Hey there..
Im after the new Gap Commercial theme song, which has people wearing the stripey sweaters and scarfs.. anyone know the name of the song?
Thanks in advance..
There are three ads out right now (which you can view here.): "Love," "Crazy Fairisles" and "Warmest Sweaters." They all feature the same song, just different versions...

According to the Gap website, for all the ads:

About the Music:
An exclusive recording of "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" featuring Kelly Rowland, Al Green, Ginuwine and Melissa Etheridge. Music production by Rich Harrison for Richcraft, Inc.
Thanx Michelle..thats the ones im after.
I appreciate your help on this..thankyou :)
As a Gap Employee, I can tell you that you can go into the store and buy the holiday commercial song the full version and the three actual ad versions 30 seconds snippets, for $2.oo and all the money goes to the Boys and Girls Club. I have bought the CD and it's cool.
Also, just an FYI, can I tell you that I have been in love with Gap clothing for a very long time and now that I am working for them (almost 2 years now) It has been a dream come true! Honestly, it's soooo much fun! I do know of people that have worked for the company and have hated every minute of it, but it all has to do with who you are working with and if your a people person. Im very out going, and all my managers and co-workers are soo funny. There are some co-workers that no one can stand, but we just don't talk to them. but enough of me rambling, if you want to know more, just e-mail me or leave a response i guess. im not on line every day, so dont panic and think im a bitch for not responding asap. ok bye~ Patrick
I remember this discussion from another thread. They were also talking about the original artist. Who was it?
I don't know for sure, but I think Jackie Deshannon did it first..
There's a sound clip here..