games on graphing calculators


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How can I download games onto my graphing calculator? I just got one today, and one of my friends said you can download gameboy stuff onto it :blink:
not gameboy stuff, literally, but if you're lucky you could find something gameboy quality. you will need a cable though...did you get one with your calculator? if you didnt (which is possible since it isnt standard) you'll have to borrow one. after that you just look on google for games and follow the instructions of the game. also, go to the website of the designers of the calculator for softawre to access the thing
Depends which GC you have as well...most of the Texas Instruments ones take games (but really crappy ones - like penguin which is an enormous rip-off of mario) but if you have Casio then good luck finding a cable for it or even games...
I dunno about others...I've only ever seen the Texas instruments and the Casio ones down here in Oz...and an American friend of mine had the texas one while we all had the casio and he used to just sit in class and play games...

damn him!

oh well... good luck!