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Anybody know what song is playing during the little montage of Leela's life?

Girl is singing and the only parts I can make out are:

"You need me, you do forever and ever"
"When we kiss I see what's in your heart"
"Give me a kiss baby, love child. Do it again"
It's from their Made in the USA album. That was probably one of their most commercial albums and you'll probably recognize some of the other tunes.
The episode where Fry is trying to reanimate his loyal dog (who should have been named Argo (aside)). At the end of the episode they played a bluesy song that is likely a WWII era song (sung by a strong female voice) with lyrics that went something like:

I will wait for you...

I've heard this song many times before but I never have known who sings it or what it's called.

This episode gets brought up a lot on another forum I visit.

Connie Francis- I Will Wait For You
Thanks so much! I thought it was a great episode and the music fit perfectly. :rolleyes:
It was played in the episode when Lila finds out she is a mutant. The song plays while they show clips of Lila growing up with the help of her parents from the shadows. The song is very soft and song by a female vocalist. "Baby Love Child" seems to be the chorus in it.

Any help would be awesome people.

Thanks, Andrew.
I was watching this episode last night on TBS at about 2, I think. Anyway, Farnsworth uses a "reversed fossilization" or something to turn bender into a human, and he (human bender) is at a bar eating nachos and discovering how tasty they are when some music starts playing and he can't help but get up and dance. So what's the name of that song?

It has kind of a latin influenced beat, and a chick singing really fast at the beginning, so fast I couldn't find any lyrics to google. Anyone seen the show and wants to help me out?
It is possible that the song is this:

The Conga (Song by Gloria Estafan)
The song played in "I, Meatbag" while they party

S04E03: Anthology of Interest 2 (season three- based on production, not airing schedule)

Futurama Production Code: 3ACV18
Episode first aired 01/06/02
written by David X. Cohen, Jason Gorbett, Scott Kirby, Lewis Morton

Three stories unfold when Professor Farnsworth fine-tunes his "What If" machine: Bender discovers how different he would be if he were human, Fry learns what life would be like if it resembled a video game and Leela wonders what would happen if she found her true home....and crash lands on Planet Ozz on this episode.
I was watching futurama a little while ago. And after the first section, where Bender becomes a 500 foot robot, and when he dies it plays some sad-sounding guitar. If anyone knows what that is that would be great. Since I think that would be PERFECT for the movie I'm starting. The music is right before the announcer comes on and says "INTERESTING STUDD, STAY TUNED FOR MORE TALES OF INTEREST".
Futurama "The 30% Iron Chef"

In this episode bender learns to cook off the old german chef and theres a typical montage of him learning that includes him slicing potatos with a lightsabre and him grinding pepper through his bottom, what is the song playing??? (for those who have the dvd/vhs its at around 10min20secs in to the episode.

The lyrics sound like "from the best, the best, nothing's going to ever keep me down, from the best, the best", sort of 80's rock or something i guess...nothing on google

thanx :(
"You're the Best" by Joe Esposito from The Karate Kid soundtrack
In the episode 1ACV10 where all the characters go on a cruise and Bender meets that rich robot lady, what was playin in the background when Bender and the woman robot do all the same scenes from the Titanic movie, it sounded like bagpipes, was that song just orchestrated for the episode? Can u find a CD of all Futurama music and instrumentals? Thanks for any help! :D
hey, I'd like to find the name of the song used on episode 3 of season 4 of futurama (it's called: Anthology of Interest 2) to be more precise they used that song when bender started drinking,eating and partying at the same time. I think this lyric was in it: Shake your body and do the tango (but i'm not sure cus I wasn't hearing very well).

PLZ help guys.
its the song from when fry and is crew go under the water and fry meets the myrmaid and when there having fun and stuff they play this song that goes like under the sea or something like that anyone know
It reminds me of the "Under The Sea" song in the Disney movie The Little Mermaid.
"The Deep South" episode contains a parody of Donovan's "Atlantis," called Atlanta, performed by... Donovan! Is this what you are talking about?
does any body know the song and the end (the last scene and part of credits)
of the episode "jurrasic bark" where fry finds his dog back from the 20th century?
if so that would be great thanks...