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that new ghost recon games trailer, the one where there in the forest and they rush the korean base, has this song playin thats also the theme for rockzilla on fuse. anyone know it?
Bill Brown composed the music for the first Ghost Recon, from just the short sample I have heard from the commercial for the second on it sounds pretty much the same with a little bit of asian sound thrown in.
anyone know wat the name of that song thats for the rockzilla commercial on fuse, its like a 20 second clip but its a guitar solo. anyone know?
I've looked everywhere online to find the song in this trailer or on rockzillia, but can't find a thing did anyone else??
anyone know the theme song to rockzilla on fuse, the commercial where its a city with all fire and godzilla breakin stuff. its mostly guitar then the singer says "here we go" or somethin

*its also the theme song to the new ghost recon 2 commercial, where there in the forest and attack some korean base
some guy found it in my other thread, the songs "here and now" by The Ernies
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