Full Metal Jacket

have you checked imdb.com? their soundtrack lists are usually in order of appearance in the movie.
im looking into it...i think it might be a rolling stones song "paint it black". but i havnt yet it got a means of downloading it yet..if someones got a link
oh cool Michelle. That was realy quick. You beat me to it.

I didnt even know the IMDB had a soundtrack section. It would of had to have been Paint It Black..i had a fealing it was that but its on the list so it must be (it wasnt on the soundtrack)
Hi, guys! Do you know what is the music of the end titles of full metal jacket? Just after they sang the Mickey Mouse Song.

I know it's a famous music but I don't know what's the name...


Febi Furx
"Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones. You can hear an audio sample here (Disc 1, Track 17)