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2/3 years ago there was this fuji film commercial.
Its raining and the setting was in a parking lot. You see a guy on a skateboard, a lady using a newspaper to cover her hair, a man holding an umbrella. And at the end it says "Even a parking lot can be beautiful"
I was wondering if anybody knows the song that was being played. It had a female vocalist. Theres was no lyrics to the song. Kinda sounded operah like.

Ive seen that same commercial lately but a different song was used.
Does anybody know the music from the fujifilm commercial? I think it's kind of old and I haven't seen it in a while but what's happening is that it's raining and all these pictures are being taken of a skateboarder and a drainpipe and things of this sort and then it says "even a parking lot can be beautiful"

If anybody can help me out that would be great.
Don't know the answer, but I merged the two requests together...
i remember that commercial as well, i live in canada so i've seen it but not for so long

i tired to search on you tube but had no such luck

the music was amazing classical mixed with an urban touch up