Forum Tip: How To Post A Music Search


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When posting a message asking for a song ID for a TV commercial, movie trailer, etc. keep in mind a few things:

• Give as much information about the product(s) in commercial as you can. For example, when talking about a car commercial, give the car make and model if possible. If it's for a consumer product, be specific as possible. (Example: instead of "that camera commercial", label it as "the new Canon digital Elph series camera commercial".)

• Describe what happens in the commercial. This is very important since many companies will release a campaign of several different commercials covering the same product. A short summary describing the events or "plot" of the commercial will be very helpful to others.

• Post information about the song/music you are trying to find. What does the song you are asking about sound like? What type of music (genre) is the song? Fast or slow tempo? Techno? Instrumental? Rock? Pop? Is there a singer? Male or Female? A group? Does it sound similar to anything else? Have you heard it used anywhere else? Leaving clues will always help others in finding an answer.

Using the above guidelines will help you in your music search. You can also find a few music search tips in the About section. Other useful sites and resources for ad music searches are listed in our Links section.

There are many forum users that are happy to help you in identifying a song - help them by giving them as much information as possible.