Ford "Yellow Lines"


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Ford "Yellow Lines"

I saw a new Ford commercial on Sunday and it had some really good music. There was no words but jut good jaming music. Electric guitar, drums, bass, and maybe piano. The commercial was advertising a bunch of Ford's new cars. Any help on what the music was would be great. Thanks
I also would like to know this. It sounded kind of Ennio Morricone (sp?) but more modern. I'm wondering if it's Calexico...?
If someone finds out before me that would be great but i contacted the company that put together the commercial and will hear back from them 11/02 when the talent director gets back in her office.
Just saw that new Ford commercial that shows off their new line of vehicles. The shots change from one location to the next, always following the dashed yellow line in the center of a one-lane highway where passing is allowed. Anyone know what the song used for that ad is? Of course, it may have been written just for the ad.
Good lord I am still looking for the song discussed in this thread - NOT that Ford commercial with the classical music - but the rock tune....anyone have any luck with Ford or J Walter Thompson?
There has got to be an answer to this unless it was produced exclusively for this commercial. Somebody, Anybody??
I finally have a response from Ford, not good though. Here's the important bit:

the music used in the was an original music piece commissioned
specifically for the "Yellow Lines" commercial done by our music
house. We regret to inform you that information of this nature is
proprietary to the Executives of Ford Motor Company and therefore is not
available to the public.

Any other ideas?