Food Network "Come Taste Life"


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Food Network "Come Taste Life"

I was wondering who sings the "Taste Life" song that is behind Food Network's newest promo, and where can I find it? Thanks, bye!
Has anyone seen the newest ad for The Food Network? It shows clips from all of their different shows while this awesome, kind of pop song plays in the background! The singer of the song kind of sounds like Dido, but I don't think that it is? One of the main lines in the song, (and the slogan for the commercial) is "Come Taste Life," therefore that might be the name of the song, but I am not for sure? Does anyone know this song and/or who sings it??? Please help, thanks, bye!
I was just wondering if anybody knew the song that has been played on the Food Network for the past few months. The song probably has the title of "Come Taste Life". I have searched other posts, however, nobody has actually answered any of the posts. Food does not accept email.
It's quite possible that i'm wrong...but i think that was written just for the Food Network. I don't think it's on a CD or anything.
I have checked and "Hungry" is not the song that has been recently playing. I will try to email the network but I probably won't get anything.
OK, after seeing the ad several times more, I have it on video and I'm going to upload it to Google Video. While I was searching in Google, I came across a website of someone named Renata Youngblood and in her bio it says that she is the voice behind the promo. I just emailed the website ( and hopefully I'll find out where to find the song (or if it's coming out on a new album).
I just got an email back, and that is the full song... The lyrics were changed (according to the email) due to copyright issues.