food network

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    Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

    I wanna know the music on the Intro "diners drive-ins and dives" Is when guy is introducing what diners drive-ins and dives place his heading. I have heard this music before on some other shows too, It also came out on my favorite TV show when I was 12 years, I when hearing alot but I can find...
  2. D

    $24 in 24

    What is that music playing? Here is the video on you tube.
  3. S

    Food Network Sweet Genius

    song used in this ad title: The Aquarium composer: Camille Saint-Saens CAR 362 - PROMOS 2 - MOVIES TWO
  4. N

    Food Network Challenge "My Own Drum"

    Looking for this song from a commercial I JUST saw either last night or Thursday night (12/19 or 12/18). Lyrics "I'm gonna' dance to the beat of my own drum/I'm gonna' walk to the beat of my own drum..." Female, vaguely punk-rockish. Awesome. Help?
  5. E

    Next Food Network Star

    Does anyone know what this song is?
  6. G

    Food Network "Come Taste Life"

    Food Network "Come Taste Life" I was wondering who sings the "Taste Life" song that is behind Food Network's newest promo, and where can I find it? Thanks, bye!