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0 here been using this site for a while and decided to finally post something. They used to play this song a couple of years ago on an alternative rock station in Texas. Just one dude singing playing acoustic, something about smoking weed, something about a grocery store, only lyric I remember was "bar codes printed on our lymph nodes" . Any help would be great I know it’s a stretch, or can anybody suggest a good site to search lyrics the only ones I could find suck.
Actually hon you don't need a site to look for lyrics on, just do a search at Yahoo or Google for your exact lyrics in quotations.. This is an exception though, I just tried a search and didn't find anything with that lyric combination. Maybe someone'll recognize it though.
Yep, I didn't find anything based on lyric searches. Was the song face paced or slow?

You could also try calling or emailing a DJ at the radio station you heard the song on...
The song was a little fast paced, also I think the artist had another, more famous song out at the time. I'm also emailing the DJ.