help with a song please


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Well, I just joined the forum and I have to say you are all a whacky bunch from reading some of the posts.

I have to give kudos out to your sleuthing abilities as I originally found this site becuase I was looking for the song for the Aquafina commercial and GGAAZZZAMA I found the answer in the commercial forum.

Ive tried to find the name of this song all but there are no good resources I can find that have stuff like this site has som im begging for help here.

Here's what I know about the song.

First heard it this weekend at a dance club and was stupid not to ask the dj. Its quite fast paced (remix probably) but I think it originally was a dance song as the subject matter to me seems towards the younger generation.

Its a female vocal singing about asking if you like her becuase you think that she is "cool" She talks about high school dances and the other cliched popular things kids do.

The only lyric I can remember that she keeps repeating is "Do you think Im cool?"
or something really close to that.

If anyone can help out that would be awesome or if you can point me to site where I can serach that would be helpful too.

Ive been to the usual website but either i dont have good enough search material or they arent very good.

I don't know the answer, but here's a tip:

Don't use! Go to Google, and type the lyrics you remember in quotes, then type the word lyrics outside quotes. It's a much better way to get what you need :)

Sorry, but I don't know the song. :(
Try "It Is Cos I'm Cool?" by Mousse T. featuring Emma Lanford. There are various mixes available.