Finding Nemo


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I'm lookign for the music to a few commercials. One is the newest Chevy Malibu commercial with all the people trading off who drives. Second is the commercial where you hear the narrator from NFL films (I think) talking about loan officers as you see them duke it out to get the rights to this guy. And third is a commercial I saw only once a week ago. It's the Finding Nemo DVD and it's a sport themed commercial featuring the characters swimming around like a sport and there are words on the bottom like "instant replay." The song itself is mostly trumpet. Thanks for any help.
The new Chevy commercial is another commissioned piece and Chevrolet didn't say who was the commissioned artist was...probably Elias again.

I have seen a trailer for Finding Nemo with the song 'Down Under' by 'Men At Work' and 'Instant Replay' was done by Don Hartman.

Dunno about the other commercial, the Lendingtree website was down when posting this.

Why I posted this as none of your questions were answered, I'll never know...sorry :(
The Finding Nemo commercial wasn't a trailer, it was an advertisement for the DVD. I actually just saw it again and I believe it would be called "Finer Points of the Game." They have different scenes that show something similar to sports with each a couple scenes titled Trick Play and Instant Replay. And then they do what they call Super Slo mo replay with that flashing on the bottom of the screen.
I heard a Nemo DVD commercial that had Blondie's "One Way, Or Another" playing behind it. Seemed like an odd choice to me.

Maybe that was it.

They seem to be picking a lot of background songs the children wouldn't have ever heard of. Then again, maybe Diz is appealing to their parents.
Yeah, I heard that one too.. I guess the reasoning for that song is the "I'm gonna find ya, I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha" (Nemo's dad lookin for him..) but I think he's talking about yet another one. Haven't seen the Finer Points of the Game one but I'll keep an eye out..

(PS and off the subject, PromoGuy.. I just clicked on your blog for shits and giggles.. Quote of the Day hails from your January 27th, 2003, post: "Since the last photo I posted really didn't show how awesome and amazing my Woody actually is, I thought it was important to give you a better (and bigger) look at it." Beauty! LOL)
I hate to bump an ancient thread but I didn't know where else to turn. Does anybody know the music playing from 0:08 to 0:40? Shazam came up with nothing. All I know is that it's definitely by Thomas Newman.