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I used search, but didn't find what I was looking for.

There is an instrumental piece played at the end of every game. At first I thought it was a winning country's national anthem, but then I realized it's every game. It almost sounds like Pachabel's Canon in D, but I'm not sure if it is.

Any help is appreciated.
It sounds like "Go West" by the Pet Shop Boys (which is, I understand, based on Pachabel's Canon in D). Not sure how the song was chosen, though.
Thanks. I'll have to listen closely at the end of the next game.
cant seem to find it anywhere so just wondering anyone knows what is the song for fifa world cup 06 opening?

de song wif many ppl african playing drums at de back n a fellow start singing. :lol:
i've tried looking for this music also but no luck, and its sure not pet shop boys.
There was this music played in the replays right after portugal won england in the fifa world cup 2006. it was like an electronica/orchestral type of music, If somebody can help? thanks
Originally posted by TopOfTheMornin4890@Jul 3 2006, 06:09 PM
Its the Instrumentals from Go West

You can find it on limewire
sorry but it isnt the song, the song im referring to was more of a breakbeat rather than techno.
I wonder if any of you know the music played just after the final whistle blows in the stadiums. It seems like a victory march of sorts, but I don't have any idea what it could be.

Thanks for the anticipated help.
No... I've watched almost every game of the World Cup, and the "Go West" theme is definitely NOT the end-of-game music! I downloaded the orchestral version - it is the EUFA Champion's League theme, not FIFA's World Cup theme.

The EUFA theme is mostly a choir, and its pretty boring. The World Cup theme is more of a triumphant orchestra theme, with some kind of featured horn or organ instrument.

The theme played at the end of every match this year, and also during the trophy ceremony after the Championship game (after the country's anthems).

You can catch a little bit of the theme if you visit:

and click "watch the highlights" on the right. After the highlights of the Italy / France game, they show Italy's captain hoisting the champion trophy as the theme plays, with confetti falling. It's definitey not the EUFA theme.

Can anybody please find out what it is?
You can see the highlights of the Italy / France game here - at the very end, they show the trophy presentation with the "Victory theme" we're looking for... it happens when the Italian player raises the trophy.

As a bonus, you can also see Zidane's vicious headbutt on the Italian player in overtime...
I don't know anything about EUFA, but the UEFA Champions League anthem is based on Handel's "Zadok the Priest."

As far as the 2006 World Cup anthem/theme, it's called "Stand Up (Champions Theme)," sung by Patrizio Buanne, and it most certainly uses the tune of the Village People/Pet Shop Boys song "Go West."
You're right... my bad. I listened to the "Pet Shop" song, and while it wasn't the orchestra version played at the stadiums, it did have the main melody. I don't know why I got confused with the EUFA theme. I'll try to get the Patrizio Buanne version - thanks!!!
At the end of the ESPN coverage of the FIFA Women's World Cup, there was some video clips of action during all the games and a great song played over the clips. I wrote to ESPN twice and I suppose they're just a bit too snooty to answer.
Since this is not a commercial and it played only once, I thought ESPN would be nice enough to help out. If someone Tivo'd it and still has it, that might help.
Looking forward to you assistance in advance.