Favorite movie soundtrack?

Snatch (Mirwais song is my fav)
Pulp Fiction (surf rock)
Fight Club (dust brothers)
Ocean's Eleven (soothing)
Scores and Sountracks are two very different things in my opinion, the way a composer can create specific music for a movie versus an editor fitting music into a movie.

A Beautiful Mind, Legends of the Fall - James Horner at his absolute best.

Episode 2 of Star Wars stood out along with the entire disography by John Williams. Harry Potter series also has a few mentionable passages.

Finding Nemo, Road to Perdition - Thomas Newman

Sommersby - Danny Elfman one of the most unknown yet stunning scores i have heard.

Leave No Man Behind is the only worthy song from Black Hawk Down and Hans Zimmer captured this nicely and fit it into the movie perfectly.

Pirates of the Carribean - Klaus Bleduet(spelling?)
In terms of musical score, Klaus Badelt created a masterpiece in "The Time Machine."
The movie might have sucked but the original soundtrack was the best of the year hands down in my opinion.
Hi, new here but love the concept. I have a question. I have always loved soundtracks and used to buy plenty of them. Now most of my music comes from Rahpsody and they dont really carry soundtracks. Does anyone know why and more importnat, do the other MP3 services like Napster and Itunes carry them better? I might have to make a change.
Doesn't look like anyone has mentioned the soundtracks to Tom Tykwer's films, particularly The Princess and the Warrior, Winter Sleepers, and Run Lola Run. All three are outstanding soundtracks, with Winter Sleepers being my favorite.

Requiem for a Dream aand Trainspotting also are stellar soundtracks.
I would have to say Lord of the Rings: Return of the King or The Godfather. 2 great scores. Cinderella Man also had a good one and so did Van Helsing
For me hmm...so many to choose from! Okay, I got it:

A Beautiful Mind, Flight Plan, Batman Begins, and Antwone Fisher. :)
i gotta say, my the top three on my list are very atypical for my taste in music, but i think they are incredible.

Meet Joe Black, Amelie, The Butterfly Effect

after that The Matrix (full trilogy).
Don't know whether persons are confusing film scores with film soundtracks, but, since score was specified, I'd have to pick Vangelis' for Blade Runner.
French Kiss.

Great stuff, some of it unavailable elsewhere, including Kevin Kline singing (gorgeously) the Bobby Darin hit "Beyond the Sea" but in French ("La Mer")!!!!

Maximum Overdrive...I just had to say it.

I still find myself listening to the Titanic soundtrack, Gone in 60 Seconds, and the Transporter soundtrack. I just wish "Fighting Man" by DJ Pone and Drixxxe was on it.
best movie soundtrack

what is the best known movie soundtrack of all time ?

star wars by john williams