Favorite movie soundtrack?


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Morvern Callar. Seriously, check it
Vanilla Sky. (Salsbury Hill is still one of my favourite songs :blush: )
I like Igby Goes Down (the classical music in it is AMAZING if you ask me)
Romeo and Juliet (the '90's remake) -- first cd I ever bought, haha
Eternal Sunshine, of course.
Billy Elliot! Haha.
Yeah...what are some of your favourites?
The Beach: I seriously love this soundtrack, you can drown me and I could die happy just listening to this.

Trainspotting: For some reason, Danny Boyle chooses some good stuff for his films.

Cruel Intentions: fun bus riding tunes.

Wicker Park: Good make-out cd, especially with "The Scientist" cover.

Garden State.
Garden State
Mortal Kombat :D
Life Aquatic
Requiem For A Dream

Most action movies have sweet soundtracks. I really like the Matrix Reloaded score or disc 2 of the soundtrack.
it gets me so emotional listening to the revolutions score...the trinity definitely track is just :ph34r:
I bought soundtracks almost exclusively for a while and definitely discovered a bunch of new artists from them. I'm happy that soundtracks are becoming good again. :)
Some of my faves include:
Garden State
Romeo and Juliet
Practical Magic
Moulin Rouge
Great Expectations
good choices
I could only tolerate to watch the movie Garden State because of the soundtrack, so I'll give it some credit. The Zero 7 song is great.
eternal sunshine
godzilla (I know, i know...its a horrible movie...but good soundtrack)
the virgin suicides
i gotta go old school on you with

Dirty Dancing

did none of ya'll watch those as a kid?
i have to admit...i haven't seen those 2.
but i LOVE listening to oldies....especially on a sunday.
you have to watch them, they are classics!!! my sisters and i grew up dancing around the living room to those soundtracks
Cruel Intentions is one of my favs too

and The Big Chill
The Bourne (Indentity & Supremacy) movies had good soundtracks/scores I thought.
1. "Magnolia" - for Aimee Mann, the love of my life, and Jon Brion, who I hope to be someday...
2. Really anything by Jon Brion
3. "Glory" - can't beat the Harlme Boys Choir
4. A few partials from not-so-great movies - the horn piece from the funeral/ambush scene in "Clear And Present Danger" and the piano thing from that god-awful Kevin Costner movie (really, they're all god-awful except for "The Untouchables") called "Revenge" or something like that. It's when he finds the girl in the convent.
5. "Moulin Rouge" - so campy it works
6. "Schindler's List"
7. "Goodfellas" - the songs used (mainly "Gimme Shelter"), not the score
Saturday Night Fever
Thank God It's Friday
Somewhere In Time
Romeo and Juliet