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Anyone seen the commercial for Fat Tire where the guy buys an old bicycle and repairs it? It ends with "follow your folly." Fantastic commercial and the song makes it. Unfortunately, I cannot place it. Please help.
The Ad I'm talkng about is the one with a guy fixing a bicycle in his garage and when he's done he goies for a ride. The bike is the same one as on the fat tire label. The music is this a dude singing with a guitar. It sounds like it could have a nick drake-esqse(?). Anyone have any clues?
Hey, does anyone know what song is in a fat tire commercial where this guy goes and gets a bike from an old man and then fixes it up? The first words are something about "put me in your suitcase, becuase you're never coming back."
I found the answer to my own question, so if anyone else is interested the song is called "at the hop" by Devendra Banhart.
Does anybody know the name of the song playing in the new fat tire commercial. The commercial is of a guy riding a mountain bike down a country road. He is joined by a guy on a racing bike and spandex.

It is a sweet song, please help. It was showed before the 24 season finale.

There seems to be a second fat tire commercial... thanks to all that helped on that first one! I'm really diggin’ Devendra Banhart - Nino Rojo (song 6 is "at the hop" as mentioned in the thread about it)... and I’d love some help with this one too. So... the new commercial seems to also have a cyclist in it... this time riding an classic looking beat-up old bike and he's keeping up with a guy that looks like a racer on a fast racing bike... the commercial says something like:

Follow your folly... ours is beer

The ad is called "out for a spin".

The lyrics say something like:

little white monkey staring at the sand
well maybe that monkey figured out
something I couldn't understand
who knows

Well I came up on a dancing crab
and I stopped to watch it shake
I said
dance for me just one more time
before you hibernate
and you come out a crab cake"
this commercial shows a rather regular looking guy riding a bike along side a guy who has that lance armstrong bicycler look. the music features a guy singing while playing an acoustic guitar
They've used Devandra Barnhart's songs in a couple commercials... I think you're looking for "Little Yellow Spider" -- sorry, I don't have a link to the music.
I saw a new Fat Tire commercial, the next in the long line of tinkerer commercials, the one with the lines, "...put me in your breakfast, serve me on a plate, because you know I taste great..." the title of this song is "AT the Hop". But all of Devendra's music has this same great feel to it. And if you like him, you should check out Elliot Smith, good acoustic trubador stuff.