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Hi All,

Does anyone know what the background music is to the Estee Lauder frangrance
the Beautiful Bride. I think was was aired more in June 2003 but I saw it this morning and I would love to have that music played at my daughters wedding this spring.

Thanks in advance, hope you can help.
I don't recall the ad, but you might have some luck contacting them and asking. There is a form you can fill out here (bottom of page). They might be able to tell you the song name or refer you to the ad agnecy that produced the commercial.
Might have been the Pachelbel Canon which was composed by Johann Pachelbel (hehe). I just saw a commercial with a bride for Estee Lauder but I'm not sure about the fragrance title as I missed that part, but that piece of music is very well-known and common at weddings. There are many, many versions of it available from strings to flute suites, but the melody will be the same. :)