Estee Lauder "Beyond Paradise"


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This is Estee Lauder's NEW commercial for its "Beyond Paradise" line...Music is nothing short of gorgeous...Reminds me strongly of Enya in a new age sound...(This is NOT the old commercial ft. Madonna)...Please HELP...Thanks in advance!
I'm seeing the new Estee Lauder commercial all over the place. Hope someone can help me find the background music, please. Man, it's driving me nuts... :wacko:
Hi everyone!

Anyone know the gorgeous song in the new Estee Lauder perfume ad? It is a woman singing...kinda sounds like Enya. Hope someone knows it!

I search this commecial everywhere and all of it says it's some song from Madonna's American Life. This is very annoying since it's NOT THAT SONG.

It's one of those pretty, flowy/airy songs which I've heard for years, but who's title I've NEVER been able to track down!

SO I finally have another lead...can someone help me out with this???

Thanks :) [and yes, I'm new here]
-_- I totally searched this forum VERY thoroughly lol, least I thought :)

Yep, that's the one :D Thanks!!