Estee Lauder Beautiful perfume


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In the Spring campaign for Estee Lauder's Beautiful they used Pacabael's Canon.
For the holidays, they are using a different tune. I have listened to both versions of the Canon and the music they are using now for the holidays is not the Canon.

Does anyone know what music it is?
If you mean the one with the classical strings then....yes it is. But there is more than one ad and there are way more than two versions of Pachebels' canon in D major.
But the ad I've been seeing is unmistakably canon in D. The part I hear in the ad would be about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way through the piece. ;)
Thank you! I'll listen all the way through. The part I'm am talking about has been sung by children's choirs at Christmas with holiday lyrics. It is so beautiful, but unless you have a name for the music, you can't even begin to find a CD with that version. Thanks so much. :D
FOUND IT!!! i have been looking for awhile also... it IS a version of Pachelbel's Canon in D but it is called CHRISTMAS CANON by the Transiberian Orchestra off their CD "The Christmas Attic" Hope that helps!!