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I was wondering if anyone knows the song that is playing over the end credits for the new HBO show Entourage (pilot episode). It sounds like Jay-Z with the hook being sung by a female (kind of bossa nova sounding).

Thanks for any help!

Opening montage; Turtle walks into the restaurant to meet the crew.
Song: Bang Bang Boom
Artist: Drag On

Vince and the boys have lunch.
Song: Grown Man Sport
Artist: INI

Vince and the boys ride in a limo to the premiere of his new movie.
Song: Rocky Mountain Way
Artist: Joe Walsh

The entourage take to the red carpet at the premiere.
Song: Eminence Front
Artist: The Who

The entourage walk into the premiere after-party.
Song: Hey Ya!
Artist: Outkast

The guys pick up some ladies for the after-after-party.
Song: Hey Mama
Artist: Black Eyed Peas

The guys hang out with some lovely ladies at the pool of their mansion.
Song: Fire
Artist: Joe Budden

The party dies down a bit and it's time to get intimate.
Song: Wanna Get 2 Know You
Artist: G Unit

Vince and his boys drive to a meeting at Warner Bros.
Song: Oooh
Artist: De La Soul Featuring Redman

The guys play basketball at home.
Song: Barely Holding On
Artist: Sean Anthony

The guys decide to have fun with their new Rottweiler.
Song: Cold Hard Bitch
Artist: Jet

The boys end the episode contemplating their new life in LA.
Song: Lucifer
Artist: Jay Z

Does anybody know what the song is that is played during the opening credits for "Entourage"? The HBO site lists the music used in each episode, but it doesn't list this one. :unsure: Any ideas?

Can you describe the song? Genre, lyrics, male/female vocals, etc?
Not the one during the opening credits, but the one that plays right after Vince says goodbye to the first of his girlfriends.
Anyone know who it is/what it's called? Is it available anywhere? Thanks
In season one of episode one of Entourage the boys are on there way to a premiere. There is a rap song playing in the limo. I've been trying to figure it out with no avail. The website says its Joe Walsh, but thats not right. If anyone can help me with that song it'd be greatly appreciated.

Joe Walsh is correct while in the limo. As soon as Vince steps out on to the red carpet is Eminence Front by The Who and I love that song. Let me know.. :)
entourage season 1

in season 1 epi 7... Walsh let's Eric and Vince screen a short film of his inorder to persuade eric to letting Vince do the movie... I wonder if any of you can help me find the name of the song played during the short film.... Its a slow piano piece.. I checked HBO's site and they dont say the name of the song..

thanks for the help....