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    Entourage Season 7

    What is the name of this song. It is a bluesy song which starts out with a riff on guitar c-c-eflat-c . it is really catchy and has on old school garage rock vibe to it. help!
  2. C

    Entourage Season 6

    Whats the song playing while vince e amy and sloan are at a bar in having drinks. Its right after ari speaks to loyd and right before vince takes amy to the car....
  3. B

    Entourage Season 5

    Entourage "Unlike a Virgin" season 5 Can anyone tell me the name of the band and the song that played during the closing credits? Much Appreciated.
  4. G


    if anyone on this site watches entourage, then think back to the episode about the bet between drama and vince. LMAO funniest epsiode i have seen on this show in a long time.
  5. Guest

    Entourage Season 4

    Entourage season 4 Anyone know the name at the end of entourage on 6/17? Some of the lyrics are " somebody call my baby..... always around to please me..... feels so clean, craves..., she loves everybody"
  6. R

    Entourage Season 3

    Entourage season 3 its where james woods drives up to Vince's house and is getting his tickets.
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    so lately HBO has been playing a promo commercial for the return of Entourage this june. in the commercial all the boys are on a roller coaster. i'm DYING to know what the song is in the background...if anyone knows who it is that would be awesome! thanks!
  8. V

    Entourage Season 2

    anyone know the song played on tonight's (june 5) episode at the closing credits? thanks!
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    Entourage Season 1

    I was wondering if anyone knows the song that is playing over the end credits for the new HBO show Entourage (pilot episode). It sounds like Jay-Z with the hook being sung by a female (kind of bossa nova sounding). Thanks for any help!