Entourage Season 2

Muse "Time is Running Out" from their album "Absolution," audio sample through link (track 3). Also available for download through this direct link at .
Entourage season 2

Episode 3 (air date 6/18) starts with the boys walking around a department store - trying to figure out the artist and title of song playing under that.

OK - never mind - found it - Amerie; 1 Thing
Entourage "The Sundance Kids" season 2

The song is in the opening and closing of the "The Sundance Kids" episode (S02 E07). I know (from the sound credits webpage) that the song is "Since They Wanna Know" by Obie Trice.

This information has not helped me locate the song, however. It is not on the only album that Obie Trice has released. A google search suggests that it may be on a forthcoming album, but that album isn't scheduled for release until november and the initial track listings don't have "Since They Wanna Know" on them.

I don't know if maybe this is on some soundtrack or various artist album or what. If anyone can give me any concrete info, it would be greatly appreciated.


Entourage "I Love You Too" season 2

Anybody know the song that was playing when the P*ssy Patrol goes to visit the hotel room of the geeky web movie reviewer?


It was "The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret" by Queens Of The Stone Age. HBO lists the songs by episode on their Entourage site.

"I Love You Too"

The guys walk into the Staples Center psyched for the U2 concert.
Song: Sun Red Sky Blue
Artist: Kenna

Ari tells the guys about ComicCon and that he has the wrong tickets.
Song: All Because Of You
Artist: U2

The guys head down PCH to ComicCon.
Song: One Shot Deal
Artist: Beanie Siegel

Drama arrives at his booth; Eric and Turtle leave to look for R.J.
Song: Rock The Casbah
Artist: The Clash

The Pussy Patrol arrives at R.J.'s room.
Song: The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret
Artist: Queens Of The Stone Age

At the press conference, Shauna gets a call from R.J.
Song: Cheating On You
Artist: Franz Ferdinand

The guys attend the U2 concert and Bono wishes Johnny Drama "happy birthday."
Song: City Of Blinding Lights and Vertigo
Artist: U2
entourage season 2

does anyone know the song played at the end of the most recent entourage...thanks
"The Bat Mitzvah"

Vince tells Eric that he will dance with Sloan.
Song: Hollaback Girl
Artist: Gwen Stefani

Vince flirts with Sloan to taunt Eric.
Song: Don't Phunk With My Heart
Artist: Black Eyed Peas

Vince cuts the first slice of challah.
Song: We Are Family
Artist: Sister Sledge

Vince and Eric talk it out, Vince takes Sloan to the dance floor.
Song: Pon De Replay
Artist: Rihanna

Eric watches Vince and Sloan dance, Ari approaches Terrance.
Song: So Seductive
Artist: Tony Yayo f. 50 Cent

Terrance and Ari spar, Terrance has seen it all.
Song: Fooled Around and Fell in Love
Artist: Elvin Bishop

Eric is depressed, Sloan wants him to dance with her.
Song: Be Your Girl
Artist: Teedra Moses

Mandy pulls up to tell Vince how she feels.
Song: Love Street
Artist: The Doors
"The Boys are Back in Town"

The Gulfstream Lands.
Song: Wasted Time
Artist: Kings of Leon

Eric and Vince leave Turtle and Drama to unpack.
Song: Statesboro Blues
Artist: The Allman Brothers

The guys go to Ari's office, meet Lloyd.
Song: Ghetto Rock
Artist: Mos Def

Drama and Turtle meet Carla, greet Adam.
Song: Nasty Girl
Artist: Nitty

Commotion at the Entourage Mansion.
Song: E-Pro
Artist: Beck

Turtle takes Drama to the Mac Store.
Song: Long Gone
Artist: Dirty Little Secret

Drama gets his photo taken.
Song: E-Pro
Artist: Beck

Gary Busey and Vince pose, FedEx arrives.
Song: King of the Rodeo
Artist: Kings Of Leon

Establishing the agency.
Song: Scenario
Artist: A Tribe Called Quest

The guys get in the elevator. End Credits
Song: Time is Running Out
Artist: Muse
does anybody know the song from entourage season 2 where the artists name in the episode is sigon or something like that. I appreciate all the help....