E! Red Carpet commercial - this is killing me!


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If any of you watch the E! channel, then you have seen the following commercial. It's a promotion for their upcoming red carpet show hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

There is an awesome song in the background. Kinda sounds like Moby but it's not him. Can someone please tell me what that song is???

I've been looking for this for weeks!!
I'm not sure what the lyrics are. I think part of it is

"...such a height" but Im not positive. It's a male voice kind of like Moby
if there's vocals, i'm not sure.
if there's not, try the postal service song "such great heights" on the cd give up.
kind-of "spacey" as i've heard it called.
Which one is that on iTunes? Is it the one that is 5:49 titled "Such Great Heights (Remix by John Tejada)"?

Thanks in advance.
Did anyone find out what song it is? I don't think it's the Postal Service song 'Such Great Hights', I read the lyrics and I can't find some of the words I hear on the commercial: "stars" and "divine".
I was looking for this song. I can't believe I had the entire CD on my computer and never heard it before. My brother bought it and put it on his iPod and I never knew.

The song is called "Brand New Colony" by The Postal Service on the Give Up album.

I kept hearing the song on a radio spot for the oscars and my sister heard it on and E! Oscars Commercial with Ryan Seacrest.

Great song!

I hate giving bad info... It is "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service. The song was tagged wrong on my computer.