Driv3r music from xbox disc # 32


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In the latest xbox magizine issue it comes with a disc labled number 32# on the disc it has a trailer for Driv3r. And it is this song through the whole trailer. I know its not destiny by syntax but it is by syntax, the info at the end says it is. i've been trying desperately to find the sonmg but sadly i've come up with nothing.... PLEASE HELP~~~~!!!!
I have the same question, and to avoid any unneccisary clutter, I'm just going to bump this. Here's a link to the trailer- http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/action/driver3/media.html Just click "stream for free" under the trailer labeled "Official trailer 5" and it should play after a 30 second commercial. Sorry I couldn't find a better link to the trailer, but anyway I would greatly appreciate any help finding this out. Thanks in advance ;)
Ack! Been meaning to post this earlyer but i found the song. The ad was misleading cause at the end it advertises for Syntax when in fact the song is Boy from the city, by slo mo