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There this commerical for Dove Chocolate where a women comes home she looks out the window the sky is changing rapidly she unties her hair and walks away, then there are light brown satin sheets and she walks in pajama's and sits on a chase louge. There is a woman singing in the background..."Forever in this moment..." Has anyone seen this commerical yet? and does anyone know who sings that song??
I've been searching for the answer to this question too! Many people are confusing it with the Dove Soap, commercial...but it's a totally different song.

I just e-mailed the the people at the DOVE site about the song, and hopefully I'll get a response soon.
LOL, so how's this for desperate.

I called their 1-800 phone number for the Dove Chocolate site, and I found out this
information today

The song is called Forever In This Moment and it's by the band RCK with vocalists
Cheri Gilbert and Rene Sandstrom.

I don't know if the song is available for purchase, but that's all the information I was able to find.

Whew! I haven't searched for it, but let's hope it's out there :)

Now, if anyone can do the rest, and search to find where we can get the full length song, I'd much appreciate it.

Anyone interested, you can use the 800 number mentioned in the "contact" information of the Dove Chocolate commercial.


Maybe if we request it enough, they'll give us the song? lol.

We're hot on the trail now. LOL.
does anyone know where we can get a hold of this song? I mean, the question is answered, but not entirely if you can't get the song to listen to. lol.
I just wanted to know if anyone knew the song that was in this one dove icecream commercial..some of the lyrics are "let the world drift away.." it has a woman enjoying a spoonful of icecream.. and another commercial from the adcouncil that has a girl with a cheat sheet in a classroom but you find out it's just a note from her mom and the songs starts "monday morning came too soon" but then it just ends just wanted to know if anyone knew these songs...
I just spent a week on the net looking for that song everywhere I could think of, and I asked my friends to help. We can't find it anywhere. :cry:

Has anyone had any luck with it? I'm about ready to give up...(I really wanted that song...)

Well if anyone DOES find it, could you send me an e-mail telling me where please? Thank you very much! (

I'll keep looking for it too, and I'll let ya'll know if I find it.