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Does anyone know if there is a CD or digital format of background music for DOOM3 or any of the previous DOOM games?

Gracenote doesn't show anything, but I imagine somewhere someone has fashioned MP3s or a CD or something.

Any help would be appreciated, even if it's something close to DOOM (but perferablly without lyrics or anything).


My brother recently downloaded the Doom 3 theme song. The artist name reads Tweaker, but he forgets where he got it and says there was no soundtrack at the site. Just the theme.

However, if you check out, they have a bunch of remixed Doom music that actually is pretty awesome. Check out the tune "Gothic Sandy"
Maybe it will help and maybe it won't, but here's a fun fact. Since id Software still uses pak files for their games, you can open the pak file with winzip or any other zip utility and pull out the music directly.

The music is in ogg format and you can pull the theme out of the pak file directly. Open the file "pak003.pk4" with a zip utility and check it out yourself. It should be in the doom3 base folder. Inside that zip file will be a directory. sound\musical is where the theme resides.