Dodgeball A True Underdog Story


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i am looking for the song in the movie dodgeball where ben stiller is walking upto that girls house in his white suit. nobody can resist the white shoes, i think he says.
yes thats the movie, but im not looking for any song from the trailer. im looking for the actual song in the movie.
ha! :lol: my bad! was thinking i was in "film trailers" i guess. :rolleyes:

hmm... can you describe the song?
Would anyone know why there doesn't seem to be a soundtrack for this movie? There were a lot of good songs in it.
snap. thanks a bunch for that! thats the song!
I can't find ANY information about this soundtrack anyplace online.
I am looking for a song used during the scene when the team received their raunchy uniforms, female singer that sounded like Joan Jett but most likely not Joan Jett. No lyrics spring to mind. Any information on this soundtrack would be greatly appreciated!
mizzkat: I've always liked that song, it's "Never Say Never" by "Romeo Void"
Does anybody know who did the cover of Red Rubber Ball for this movie? I keep hearing it was done by the diodes, but then I found a sound clip of their version of it on and it clearly is not the same one. The version from the movie is more upbeat and the singer doesn't have the weird accent that the singer from the diodes appears to have. Why oh why can't they jsut release a soundtrack for this movie.
Originally "Red Rubber Ball" was done by The Seekers. Audio sample available here, track 23.

Simon & Garfunkle covered it. (can't find any samples...)

Cyrkle covered it. Link goes to available audio sample, track 1.

and The Diodes covered it.
does anyone know what song was used in dodgeball when they were being trained by their trainer when he put his training tape in.
I can't describe it, but if you see the movie it is clear when the guy in the wheelchair puts his tape in the player, that is the song that I am looking for. any help would be greatly appreciated. I am sure that it shows in the credits, but I can,t read them that fast.
Those 3 seem to be all old versions, if you listened to the trailer, the new version is very upbeat and I can't find it anywhere.
I am looking for the song that plays at the start of the final match in the tournament. (When they're all walking out onto the court) All you really hear is a sweet guitar part and it's driving me nuts trying to find it!!