discovery channel-antlers?

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This commercial has this guy walking around on his way to work, and everybody has antlers coming out of their heads except for him. Then he gets to work and confesses that he made a time machine and somehow altered the past because now everyone has antlers coming out of their heads. Then it goes like "Know more than you should."

It's for the discovery channel, and has this music that is some kind of orchestra instrument, like an oboe or whatever.

Help is cool.

Oh and if anyone can explain to me the motivation behind making this commercial and actually airing it, that would be appreciated too.
Yeah, i saw this commercial too and thought the song was really cool. If anyone knows, the info would be great. I went to the website, but i didnt get much, could've done something wrong.
I too would like to know what song it is in.
Please, someones gotta recognize it.
Good people of, heres your chance XD
Originally posted by YSAPrincess23@Sep 3 2004, 09:04 AM
You sould read the Forum Rules about bumping. If someone knows they'll tell you. Bumping doesn't help. :)
"Bumping" and including something more than just the word "bump" might be helpful, even if it seems insignificant.