DirecTV "Life Changes"


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DirecTV "Life Changes"

I've been seeing this Direct TV commercial. It starts out with a young boy in a setting when the tv was invented. He walks through different rooms and as he walks through them, he gets older and older and the setting also changes until he's an old man in the present time. There's a song in the background with bells and it sounds like a lullaby. I would like to know if it's an actual song or if it was just made for the commercial.
The commercial has a guy tracing his life through moments on television and there is a song in the background does anyone know what it is?
Produced specifically for the commercial by HSR/EXTREME MUSIC.
That is cool music. Kind of a melancholy, music-box sound. Anyone know if it's possible to get an mp3 of it somwhere?
Well to describe the commercial, it is a man who is shown growing through the stages of life and how television is evolving, but always needed. At the end he is an old man and sits down to watch television with his grandson. Anyone know the title of this song, if it even really is a song? It could have just been composed as background music but it's very emotion-provoking. Anyone know? ;)
Oh, and I would like to add that I've only seen this commercial on Comedy Central. It has no lyrics, and sounds like it could be in any one of the Harry Potter movies. :eek:
Originally posted by sophist@Feb 17 2005, 02:39 AM
Produced specifically for the commercial by HSR/EXTREME MUSIC.
If it's composed specifically for the ad, as is the case with this DirecTV ad, the song usually doesn't exist beyond what you hear in the ad... So, no, it's not available for download or purchase.

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Go watch the movie Solaris.....and listen.

Same track.....
I do not know the name of this commercial, and I cannot remember exactly what it was advertising. I believe it was some sort of cable advertisement though. I will do my best to describe it:

[A boy sits in a room with his grandfather while watching an old television set. He gets up and walks into another room; as he walks into the other room, he grows older. This process of aging continues as the boy walks through a series of different rooms (from kitchens to bars, even to a hospital). In each room is a television, and as the boy ages, the television sets grow more and more advanced until in the end, the boy is an old man and he returns to a room similar to the one he began his "journey" in. The now old man sits down with his grandson to watch a modern television.]

I would like to know the commercial name, and also the music playing in the background of this commercial. If anyone knows, it'd be great if you could answer this post. Thanks