1. N

    AT&T and DirecTV

  2. P

    DirecTV Cinema

    i was curious what the song is playing before a movie starts it shows the clock ticking down to movie time it has the blue lights in the backround.
  3. M

    Hit and Miss

    Does anyone know who sings the song that is currently playing on the Hit and Miss promo. The promo is playing on the DirecTv interactive page and channel 111. The lyrics sound like "I will burn the bridges down, when the ocean falls (or foams maybe), as time heals all, maybe its time, for...
  4. F


    DirectTV has started running commercials for the Australian show 'Rake' on their Audience Channel, and they have a very rocking '80s punk style song playing over it, female singer - pretty sure she has an Australian accent, British Commonwealth for sure. The tune reminds me a lot of what I used...
  5. Guest

    DirecTV multi-room viewing

    I'm talking about the DirectTV commercial, one of a few, where they advertise the "pause in one room, continue watching in another" part of the service -- but in this one, it's a woman going room to room, watching something with people dressed in what looked like Victorian-era garb at a glance...
  6. M

    DirecTV hitman

    does anyone know the name of the song that plays during the Direct TV commercial with the hitman and the blowdart?
  7. endolite

    DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket

    The song plays :25 to end
  8. Boostworthy

    DirecTV 2010: Talking TV

    During the 2010 Olympics, I've seen a few new commercials from DirecTV in which they start off with some random TV show and then the screen goes black with a blue audio wave in the center of the screen. It's supposed to be your TV talking to you about DirecTV. There are a few different versions...
  9. K

    DirecTV "No Need to Call Us" technical difficulties screen music

    Anybody know the instrumental that plays in an endless loop when a local channel has technical problems?
  10. D

    DirecTV The 101 Network

    just heard the new promotional commercial today. who is the artist and what is the song? thank you
  11. J


    Does anyone know the song and/or artist in the new "100% beautiful" Directv commercial? It is not the James Blunt song, more rock and roll, they do repeat "you're beautiful" several times. Thanks John
  12. L


    hey guys..I've been hearing the new directv spots alot so I went to their site to hear the original tune...funny it a celebrity singing or just some ad guy...I do like it though...thanks
  13. N


    Hi I've seen this new DirecTV commercial twice in the past few days. The only lyrics I caught are: "I love you . . . more than [something, something] . . . little girl . . . baby I'll cry"? [Male voice. Fast song.] It is a really cool song so i'm sure someone will eventually hear it and also...
  14. S

    Direct TV Pay Per View Commercial?

    Direct TV Pay Per View Commercial playing on channel 100? What is the song? Commercial has a bunch of different movie previews including 'Flight of the Phoenix.... thx
  15. P

    DirecTV "Life Changes"

    DirecTV "Life Changes" I've been seeing this Direct TV commercial. It starts out with a young boy in a setting when the tv was invented. He walks through different rooms and as he walks through them, he gets older and older and the setting also changes until he's an old man in the present...