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There's a song that plays near the end or 3/4 into the trailer (which is most likely on DickieRoberts.Com), and it's not Good Charlotte. I didn't hear any lyrics, but it sounds like poppy rock music. I don't have any more info on the song title I need. I'm sorry for being so... un-specific, but help is appreciated.
Ugh! I don't mean to be... mean, but I know what the song is not. That's not the song I'm looking for. It's like rocky, but a lot of computer work.

And I said about like "3/4 into" the trailer, not "the final song" or "the song right at the end". It's when they announce "Happy Madison Productions." Half-way though, 2/3 - something like that. Sorry.
Trailer also uses 'All Messed Up' by SUM 41 & 'Saying Goodbye' by SUGARCULT.
Yeah. I was the one who added those onto Soundtrack.net. I just need to know the song when the Movie Trailer Voice Guy says, "From Happy Madison Productions..."

Again, I apologize.