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Dell XPS commercial does anyone noe this song? ITS COMPLETELY ELECTRONIC AND PLAYS AT A FAST BEAT. please help me
This is a VERY new commercial i think and the computers it shows are the Dell XPS 400 and 600. they are silver coomputers and it says that it has a free flat panel upgrade.
Hey just saw this commercial and wanted to know the song also, i cant event throw out some names that it kind of sounds like but it was totally sweet. I tried googleing it for like the past 3 hours. Hope somone recognizes the song its a good one. Definitly electronica and up beat and i dont think there were any lyrics not completely sure tho. If you got any suggestions where to go that would help out too.
i sent an email to the dell sales department. And its been a couple days now. Anyone have any suggestions on where else i could go with questions?
my best guess now is the music was just made for the commercial
I just saw the commercial again, im not sure that it is the same one. But once again the techno that was play was crazy good and catchy, and hereing it once again makes me think that i have heard it before. Hope somone heard it too. Just for a refresh it shows all of dells new products "silver" computers and ends with let it drive you somthing like that then another thing i didnt catch. The music that was playing this time i did catch there is a lyric that is played over and over but to faint to recognize.
I think the song that your are looking for is (Good By Girl by Squeeze). If thats not it its a song by (Squeeze) in their album (Singles 45's And Under).
Hope that helped.
i don't think that's it.... but thanks for the input.... i recently watched this commercial myself and it had more technoish beat to it and no vocal.... it wasn't quite as upbeat as that too
I have been going nuts every time these commercials gone for the past few months. Come on ppl the song exists somewhere! ephenj09, have you heard back from the sales dpt yet?
I've sent a couple emails to them and have recieved no reply's. Poor customer service haha. I dont know where else i could look for the song. Google-ing it doesnt seem to cut it.
I saw a Dell commercial multiple times last night but forgot to write down what it was about (new laptops?) because I was obsessing over the familiar music it was using, a rapid-paced, kinda spastic piece of 60s psychedelia. I hunted it down, and it's the opening to the 13th Floor Elevators' "You're Gonna Miss Me." iTMS has it:

iTMS song URL

Hope this helps somebody!
Kimota, THANK YOU!!

This has been driving me nuts for days; I KNEW I that I not only vaguely recognized the music as some kind of garage/surf song, but that it was buried somewhere in my own collection. But for the life of me, I just couldn't place it. I'm just curious; how did you possibly track it down just from hearing the commercial?
ok i hope that im doing this right but i am looking for the song name.. the dell commercial its a dell laptop and its just got music and a chick yelling a couple of times...sounds alot like janis joplin and really like the tune...if anyone can help that would be great...thanx
ok so i suck 13th floor elevators thats the group name... just in case someone else gets turned around in this forum page....
can anyone help me figure out who the artist and the song is on this new commercial??

it's just the notebook and the music in the background sounds 6's/70's-ish.

it's driving me crazy!