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Help, if you can, a female singer. "Bubble-gum" sounding. I'll give ya more next time I see it. Thanx.
I think its a cover of a song by The Plastics called "I Love You Oh No"

The song used in the commercial is by Stereo Total and the song is called "I Love You Ono".

this is the commercial where there are all kinds of different designs right?
japanese song from unknown commercial

Sorry, I really don't have much information to help you with but there's a song, sang by a female that was featured on some commercial I can't remember for the life of me. It sounded like the lyrics were in Japanese and the song was probably considered 'pop'. It's been on a recent commercial, most likely for something like computers,cameras,cell phones or cars, but again, I'm not sure.
It's popular enough to be heard on the radio as it was played while I was listening at least once.

I know that doesn't help to much but if anyone happens to know the song I'm referring to I'd love to the title & artist. Thanks!
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what the hell is that song in a Dell computer commercial,sounds japanese? The lyric is "I love you"...dah dah...diamond ring...chop chop...I hate the song but have to know who it is.....
Re: japanese song from unknown commercial

would that be a Dell computer commercial? I'm trying to find that one too...see my post above....i thought it sounded japanese too...maybe the same one you are talking about.
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whats the song?

its the song with the people lined up along that building n when ever they go in normal, they come out dressed up.