1. C

    Dell "Meet Annie The Girl Who Could Fly"

    Does anyone know the artist and song title of the song played in the new Dell Inspiron 15R commercial? There is a girl shown simulating flying. Thanks!
  2. P

    Dell Inspiron R "Switch"
  3. D

    Dell XPS product video

    If someone can name this song I will be eternally grateful...
  4. farbeyond

    Dell XPS Laptop with Verizon

    Hey, I recently saw a commercial for the new Dell XPS Laptop that is partnered with Verizon and advertised about having JBS sound and used the song: New Politics - "Yeah Yeah Yeah" Get it at:
  5. M

    Dell Inspiron 15R "Pack Less" Back to School

    The New Dell back to school commercial with all the kids over packing their bookbags, then at the end the girl comes in with just a small shoulder bag / mail bag because she's got her laptop..... There's a very light-hearted cover of the old war song "Pack up your Troubles" playing, and I've...
  6. U

    Dell Inspiron 15 Design Studio

    Someone please tell me who sings this!
  7. C

    Dell Studio laptops

    Help, if you can, a female singer. "Bubble-gum" sounding. I'll give ya more next time I see it. Thanx.
  8. jca

    Dell color laptops

    Dell commercial with people posing with matching color laptops features: "Colors" by Kira Willey Get it at Amazon.
  9. D

    Dell XPS M1350 laptop

    Started off with pictures of the same couple and the guy cropped his picture to upload somewhere. Laptop Commercial. I think it was dell, not sure though. Seen recently
  10. B

    Dell Web Camera

    What is the name of the song in the Dell commercial that has guys playing table tennis and a couple guys watching? It is advertising free web cameras.
  11. stonefox_gurl

    Dell Red laptop

    Ok I only caught a glimpse of the commercial but I heard the song and it was amazing. It was for a Dell and it had a bunch of people in the street and at the end a guy ends it by kissing a girl. Don't know how that's relevant but that's all I caught.
  12. jca

    Devo Works Dell

    The new Dell commercial called "Engine" shows a group of women in black and white building an engine for the new Dell XPS notebook computer. The music for the spot is a distinctive 80s sound, like something from the band Devo. In fact, it is Devo. The track, called "Watch Us Work It", is the...
  13. G

    Dell XPS laptop

    hey guys here is a link to the new Dell XPS commercial. I know the song is a new song by Devo but I can't find the name of the song. Any help?
  14. I

    Dell "Purely You"

    Dell "Purely You" There is a Dell commercial (part of the "Purely You" campaign) that has a nice, catchy song in the background while a guy is building his PC with the assistance of some Sales Agent. Via the magical powers of search... I know it isn't Ben Lee's "Catch My Disease" (great song...
  15. C

    Ford Focus and Dell computer

    What the hell is the name of that song..... <.< >.> xp Seriously folks, is it just me or does that commercial want to make you peel your skin off?