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Started off with pictures of the same couple and the guy cropped his picture to upload somewhere. Laptop Commercial. I think it was dell, not sure though. Seen recently
The song "2 Hearts" was released by Kylie Minogue, but this thread claims it is the original version by Kish Mauve (or a remix) in the Dell laptop commercial. Here is the Kylie Minogue version:

"2 Hearts" by Kylie Minogue

Download it from Amazon.
If anyone knows of any legitimate links to "2 Hearts" by Kish Mauve, let us know.
It's a guy taking/editing pix on his Dell....a girl singing " you make me invisible...." or such. Any ideas ? Thanks !
There's a commercial that's been aired lately with a guy taking pictures of himself and a girl, and at the end he's cropping a photo of himself. My mind blanked just now and I can't remember how the song goes, but if anyone knows what I am talking about, could I get some help?
OK this is probably dumb, but does anyone "get" the commercial?

He's taking pictures with his girl -- got that. He crops one -- got that. Then at the end it looks like he's with another girl. So what's the point?
Originally posted by Summer@Aug 2 2008, 01:08 PM
OK this is probably dumb, but does anyone "get" the commercial?

Well, there are some interesting YouTube comments about the commercial (including that he's cheating on the blonde with the brunette), but I think the idea is that he's cropping out his old girlfriend because he found a new girlfriend (by posting his newly-cropped "single" photo on Windows Live Spaces.)
Well...I'm glad it was explained. It bugs me everytime it comes on! But that's what I thought...that he was cheating on the blonde...and he's always looking in the camera, not even paying attention to her...real narcissistic behavior!