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HI this is my first post and was wondering if anyone knew the name of the song played during that degree deodorant commercial where the asian guy is fighting off those attackers then impresses his girlfriends family by showing that he didnt sweat.Thanks
Im not quite sure what genre you would list it under.It was fairly fast the lyrics were not in english and the singer was a male.
Just to let you know there is a version of this song done by the band Divididos that's much closer to the version heard on the Degree commercial. It's a good cover of the song so check it out.

Does anyone know the song in the Degree deoderant comercial, where the guy is doing all the kung fu? The song, I don't think is in english. Any help?
Hello everyone!

I'm trying to find out the tune's title and the performer's name of a Levi's (jeans) commercial that was on TV some years ago (no more than ten).

All I know is there is a flute in the music. As for the advert, there's a guy who could be Jason Scott Lee (or somebody who looks Asian) who fights with other people in a laundry. I can't remember anything else.

Any help would be much appreciated! :)

Cheers, xinelo
Just saw an ad for Degree deodorant/anti-perspirant wherein we see an young-ish asian guy putting on degree, where he is then attacked by.... I dunno, ninjas or something, who break through walls in his apartment. He then gets dressed while fighting off the ninjas, and makes his escape. When he gets into a cab, he is attacked by the driver and another passenger, who he successfully fights off before action-rolling out of the cab to meet an attractive young woman in a restaurant. When he goes to meet her, her grandfather attacks the man. When he blocks the punch, the people at the table are astonished to see he his underarms are dry...

Throughout the ad, asian-sounding rock is playing, very aesthetically pleasing... Anyone seen the ad, or better yet, seen it and recognise the music?

It's that degree ad with the chinese guy doing kung fu while putting on clothes. I'm looking for that song. Anyone knows it?
I'm still looking, though even finding Degree's corporate website is a challenge... Once I did find it, it was dedicated to the "Inaction Heroes" aspect of their advertising, with nothing on anything else. I'll look into a corporate email as soon as I have time, maybe they'll tell me what they used.
Uh, no. That was Spanish or Mexican... Has absolutely nothing to do with asian-sounding rock. I invite more submissions though, and thanks for trying.
...I apologise, that is it. I apparently downloaded something that was mislabeled. Bloody mexican polka, sounded like.

And thanks for the answer.