1. farbeyond

    Degree Clinical Protection Deodorant "Bubbles"

    Here is the Degree Clinical Protection Deodorant Commercial which uses an UNRELEASED track according to online sources. Unilever - "Bubbles In The Air"
  2. mattig89ch

    Degree Men Adventure mountain biking

    I was wondering if anyone knew what the song that is played is?
  3. S

    Degree Ultra Clear deodorant "Dare to Make a Statement in Black" French song

    Degree Ultra Clear deodorant "Dare to Make a Statement in Black" French song It's obviously a song in french. It's the Degree Deodorant 2009 commercial where the female is wearing a long black gown towards the end and it in a hotel room (it's a really romantic looking commercial). It's still a...
  4. B

    Degree Men deodorant

    the guys is a store aisle and smells degree deodorant. he jumps out of a plane with a shopping cart, lands on a road, coasts down a hill in between two semi trucks and then wakes up back in the store. what song is played during the commercial. the only lyrics i can make out seem to come from...
  5. D

    Degree Women deodorant tightrope

    It's the commercial with the woman walking on a tightrope. The music consisted of a guitar and female vocals. I think she was singing in a language other than English.
  6. S

    Degree Men

    More recent commercial. Cant remember much about it
  7. jca

    Degree Women deodorant

    I just noticed the new Degree Women deodorant commercial (featuring women in a hurry) was using a version of: "Big Chief" by Professor Longhair Get it at Amazon. (Not sure which version was used, could have been by another artist.) But many people will recognize the music because it is also...
  8. R

    24 CTU Rookie sponsored by Degree

    Degree CTU Rookie It is the CTU Rookie commericial and It is really a review, showing various clips, not a story. A male vocal, and a ballad-ish guitar.
  9. B

    Degree deodorant "Stunt City"

    Degree deodorant "Stunt City" Can someone please tell me the name of the song in the Degree deoderant commercial for the super bowl. The ad is called "Stunt City". If you go to the link ive provided at the bottom click view video on the Super Bowl version. The song has a mambo, cuban feel...
  10. K

    Degree kung fu

    HI this is my first post and was wondering if anyone knew the name of the song played during that degree deodorant commercial where the asian guy is fighting off those attackers then impresses his girlfriends family by showing that he didnt sweat.Thanks