date my mom


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on the show date my mom theres an episode wid this guy "chris" whu sings to evry mom cuz he wus in a boy band or sumthin....well anyways, wen he dates tha second mom ((jills mom)), theres this song that comes up wen theyre on tha swings, ive heard it so many times but i dunoo tha song or ne thing!
nope there werent any lyrics, it wus juss music, it had sorta a hip hop tune, and i kno ive heard it wen one of my friends signs onto AOL xcept i have aim so i dunno wut the sound is called
ok i juss remebered wut the tune sounded like
im not in band or ne thing so i cant describe the "sound" exactly...but its like 3 looong beats....
its like a hip hop beat wid three long piano keys...
its like duuuum, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum, dum, ((and then sum other sound in the background to finish it))
lol i dunno if im makin ne sense but plz...sumone has ta least if u have aol or sumthin