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There was a song playing in the background at the end if episode #113 - (aired on December 6, 2004) - with the 6'5" caucasian extreme sports/sufer guy. It kept going in and out of audibility so I could only catch the fallowing part of the chorus:

"Bring it on, bring it on - now..." or maybe "Bring it down, bring it down - now..."

I start's playing in the background at the end when the guy & all the mom's line up so he can choose which daughter he want's to date, and continues to play until the end of the show as they run off on the beach. It was very pop like with male vocals, any help would be immensly appreciated.


BTW - episode #113's future airing dates (CT) are:

-Dec 07 11:00am
Nope...I thought that might have been it too, but not the same sound & chorus. It has a very modern pop/rock persona, with higher pitched vocals, for at least the part I could make out. I'll try and catch the re-airing and see if I can make out more lyrics.
I finally tracked down the song:

"We Used to be Friends" By the Dandy Worhols. A great song!
yeah, dandy warhols = perfection. check out some other songs by them, cos youll love them if you like we used to be friends.

Download: Bohemian Like You, Sleep, The Last High, Plan A.