Date My Mom


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ok I heard this one on the show Date my mom with Blaine. It was in the begining it went kind of like

"I think you're really fit"

Then this one I think was right before he made his choice it went like this (the "something" means a word I don't know)

"something something something raise your hands"

That one had a catchy beat to it and it was a dance song
well i haven't seen "date my mom". .and i haven't seen "Joe Somebody". .but check out the soundtrack listing here . .that might help.
See I went there, but it doesn't say when the songs came up and I didn't know a song from that movie to lower the possibilities so it's no help to me :(
:huh: duh I always do, but there were't any that were like the lyrics i posted <_<
Hitomifan: I think I've suggested to you before that it's best to make individual topics for different questions. It's too confusing keeping up with three songs from three different shows/movies mixed up into one topic.

Please keep this in mind on future topics you start.
ok fine, but I did search google and I only got one link to the lyrics i think yuor fit and that wasn't it, I'll just have two songs on this topic then