Date My Mom MTV

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Okay, so besides pulling an all nighter for an exam. I had the tv on to MTV. There's this Date My Mom late night marathon thing.

Anyway, the episode I'm talking about is this white guy, dark hair. I just caught the last 5 minutes of the show when they revealed who he picked.

These are the girls he DIDN'T choose

1. This black girl named Cinnamon? She was like TALL basketball player tall.

2. The second girl he rejected was this white girl, but she was super tiny. 4'11!


When he picks the last girl there's this song that plays. It's a female vocalist, kind of poppy, but I can tell it was like a ballad almost.

The lyrics I heard were, "the way you move moves me".

It's driving me crazy because I really think I've heard the melody before somewhere.

Any help appreciated :D