Crest White Strips


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what the song on teh Crest White Strips commerical.....its french...anyone know?
The singer featured in that Crest Whitestrips commercial is Gabriella Anders. The song was created specially for Crest and isn't available in stores. However, she has a CD coming out soon on the Warner Bros. label. Maybe you will get lucky and she will have a version on the album!
This may have been posted before, but im new, and in very very much need of someone to help me. Alright, there is a song, i cant be entirely sure that its from a comercial and not a movie, but im pretty sure its from a comercial. The song its self is either french or italian, i belive its one lone voice playing with an acordian (possibly other instroments) in the background, its very french sounding, very cafea-ish

It might be the song from a crest whitestrips commercial called "Multi-task" (the commercial is called that, not the song) where a woman like...looks at herself in a window or something.....either way i cant be certian, if any one has information on either of these songs, the aclaimed "french song" as i have dubbed it (although once again it may be in italian) or the Crest Whitstrips song please please please PLEASE help me, ive been going at this for the past three days, for several hours a day and coming up with nothing, please if you can help me dont hesitate to do so...thanks...

-The new guy