Covenant House "Birth"


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Watching TV the other night, I saw an ad. Parents crying as mom cradles new born child, fade to boy awakening in sleeping bag on the street. Now you know where street kids come from. Music was beautiful. Sounded like Sarah Maclachlan, I think.

Does anyone know who it was?
Re: Covenant House

i was wondering the same thing, i think it is sarah mclachlan and i think the song is called answer but im not sure
song in a commerical

I just seen a commerical it starts off with a mother tearing up she just had a new born baby and then it pans off to a teenager sleeping in a sleeping bag on a side walk and says this is where they come from,,,want to know what song that is that is playing in the back ground please help
Re: song in a commerical

I think it's a United Way or Covenant House commercial...don't know the song, but that might help narrow it down...
Just saw the commercial and was going to come and re-answer it - thanks for the vid JCA! :)