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I was wondering whether anybody know the song in the old Countrytime lemonade ads. I guess the ads were televised during the early 90's. It sounded like an old song, pre-1930's; very nostalgic feel; an older male voice.

I haven't been able to locate any info regarding this. If anyone can provide any information, it would be most helpful.

does anyone know who sings the songs from the '30's or 40's ( it sounds like) that are used or were used a couple of years ago for the country time lemonade ads? It sounds like a mellow man's voice.
yes, i remember those lemonade commercials...i enjoyed the music as well. however i can't really remember more about it either...only that it was just as dminze said. but i found a blurb that mentioned that a company called crushing music composed some music for some of their commercials...that might be a place to start... :unsure:
I've been wondering myself all the titles they used for this ad campaign. They are definitely all-time standards though so finding the exact performers might be difficult. I believe one was 'If I Didn't Care' by the Ink Spots and another was 'Time on My Hands (You in My Heart) by Al Bowlly. There is another that begins the lyrics "I keep your picture, close to my heart dear..." that one I haven't been able to figure out at all. I kept watching Woody Allen movies in hopes of rediscovering it, but nothing as of yet. It's just difficult to remember because I haven't seen the actual commericals in so long and their website is not at all helpful.
what did that last song sound like again, if you can remember?... yeah woody allen has great taste in songs in his films
it was definitely a male vocalist (crooner-type) and the melody is similar to 'If I Didn't Care' which is found on the Shawshank Redemption sdtk. The beginning verse I wrote is all I can really remember. I believe they had three songs for the lemonade and one for their ice tea for a total of four.
It's also similar in chords to 'One More Kiss, Dear' by John Bahler from the Blade Runner sdtk. It's really quite frustrating! lol.
Can anyone tell me what song is played on the country time lemonade commercial. i love that song. it sounds kind of old school bluesy or jazzy. that songs relaxes me so much i have to know what it is. ;) also i know Donald Southerland is the narrator for the commercial if that helps any.
Hi. So to see that others have noticed this bizarre paradigm shift in which it would certainly *appear* that a haunting piece from the Bladerunner soundtrack was recycled into a lemonade commercial. I worked all last night, driving a cab, and had the soundtrack among the tapes I grabbed randomly for my boombox in the cab, and remembered yet again, that I would *swear* that song was in the old lemonade comnmercial. I say it's the same song. Peace, :blink:
I see it's been awhile since this thread was discussed, but amazingly that song has also haunted me for many years...I seem to remember the words
"I'd go anywhere with you..."
I've followed the links I could find:

and although these songs sound remarkably similar, I'm sure none of these are the one I'm thinking of.

Ant progress in your search?
I was so haunted by those commercials as a tween in the 90s - used to stay up late at night just to watch them. Country Time must have been the main sponsor of those late night junk tv shows. The one I have searched for was "Memories" by Bill Eaton. Bless you kind poster for including this in the zip file - finally found the song that has haunted me for 20 years!
The lyrics as I can remember are: Memories of warm nights, holding hands and blue skies. Two hearts young and free, do you ever think of me. Anyone?
thank you, thank you, thank you for the file! i have been wondering about "memories" for years and years, never having heard more than the first lines in the country time commercial. i can't tell you how it felt to finally be able to listen to the whole song. thank you again!
I cannot thank this site for FINALLY letting me hear the whole song. It is a BEAUTIFUL song, sung hauntingly by Bob Eaton that has never been far from my memories since I first heard it. Everytime I think of it, I think of a time that might not have been simplier, but there were family and friends that were around that made them easier. Also, a thank you to Country Time Lemonade that used this in their ad. bahki21, THANK YOU!!!