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The latest Almay ad is using the same 4-chord wonder song from the last run, but a different clip from the song! I haven't been able to catch it early enough to turn up the volume to pay attention to the bar of lyrics at the top of the ad to discern what they are, and hence haven't been able to google it. But - anyone else know what the song is? Or heard the lyrics? It's got a laid back downbeat, sounds very overproduced, sort of poppish, but very reminiscant of the late-80's/early-90's. ...and it's driving me spare.

Anyone? Anyone? ...Bueller?

Heard the lyrics again, he says "Love is a beautiful thing."

Lo and behold, for a google of said lyrics produces the song "Love Is A Beautiful Thing." ...! Who'd have guessed? (Not me, apparently). Out right now is Krystal whatshernames version of it (new, poppish, but tasteful), but a little trauling found Al Green's prior version of the same name, which is most definitely what's on the ad.

So, fyi for anyone else.
There was a commercial on last year and I'm almost sure the song was by Al Green. At the time, I came to one of these sites that has the names of the songs used in commercials and who sang them. Anyway, I gave the info to my son and he promised to shop for the song. Never happened. Now I not only forget the song but the ad!!! Does anyone know of a recent ad that featured an Al Green song? Seems to me that when I came here, there was a comment about it being an old ad. Still, it was on the tube within the last year.

Nothing like answering your own question!!! I was using the search function at the top of the page and I should have used the one at the bottom that searches the forum content. Anyway, I found it. The song was "Love Is A Beautiful Thing" and it was used in an Almay commercial.

Sorry to bother