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Does anyone know if the song used on the Coors commercial set on the tour bus is an actual fullength song? Name? Its instrumental, very tight funky groove. Commercial stars Quincy Jones, Pharrell and Dr. Dre. Any help would be appreciated. has some of their commercials with artist information listed. Follow that link, enter your age, and then look for the "Promotions" section. I looked around and didn't see any tour bus type ad -- are you positive it's a Coors ad? (It could be too new to be on the site.)
Its actually a Coor's Light commercial. I checked their site but see nothing on this one. Looks like the ad is from '01!! The ad is called "Tour Bus" and part of the "Next Level" campaign.

There is another ad with Dr. Dre on an airplane (from '01 and part of the same campaign -- called "Still Dre" you can hear it here but the version in the ad is instrumental which is downloadable off iTunes.

The song in the Tour Bus ad has a similar groove but can't seem to find it anywhere...
I don't think the song used in the airplane commericial with Dre with "Still Dre." I remember I searched a long time for that song and could never find it. I had "still dre" on mp3 then and definitely don't remember them being the same.
If you search on google for Coors, Commercial, Dre, Airplane there are several links that mention an instrumental version of "Still Dre" as the song. Also searching on Kazaa for Coors Airplane got me the same results. Don't remember that commercial that well, so it could be wrong.

Anyway, more interested in the tune for the tour bus song.......
Coors Light Dr. Dre

Hey Guys,

First time poster here. I'm looking for a song that was played in a beer commercial about 3 or 4 years ago, give or take. I'm pretty sure it was a coors light commercial but it could have been bud light as well. It's a hip hop/r&b beat and during the commercial you see a bus riding along picking up celebrities (I think you see Quincy Jones and Dr. Dre in that ad). I thought the beat was pretty cool and I was hoping you guys would know the title/artist for that song.

Thanks for your help.
I vaguely remember that ad too ...

I checked out Dr. Dre's Wikipedia entry ...
It says he did a Coors beer ad with Pharrell Williams ...
There's a link from that Wiki to a copy of a Source 2003 article where a guy by the name of Neff-U (aka Ron Feemstar) is proported to have come up with the beat for that Coors ad ...

Good luck!