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    The song is by Cold War Kids - First
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    Old Coors slide guitar

    It's been bugging me for years, a really nice passage of slide guitar that made the hair go up on my neck. Yeah, I have a hairy neck. Anyone know the source?
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    Coors "Little Coaches"

    does anyone know the name of the music in the backround of the Coors commercials that feature the mini Mike Ditka, Herm Edwards, and other former NFL coaches?
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    Coors Light Mystery Mansion Summer 2010

    Here is a link to the ad Video, I got it off Facebook. It sounds like Shut up and let me go from the Ting Tings but, when you listen carefully to the last 5-10 seconds, you notice the difference in the guitar rift. So, What is it ? :)
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    need anyone's help with this... saw a commercial (don't remember what it was for) a couple of times during the nlcs playoffs on tbs that was mostly in black & white and had a mid-tempo song playing that had a mellencamp feel to it (but it wasn't him... not the commercials with hi song "our...
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    Hey, I'm just trying to find the background music to this Coors commercial. Its violin music, and I've heard it before. I'm pretty sure it turns into an electronic song. I think its by the Chemical Brothers, once again not sure. Thanks for the help.
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    Coors Light John Denver

    It's obviously not John Denver, does anybody know who is singing this?
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    Coors Light

    Does anyone know the name of the song that played during the Coors Light commercial. The only part I remeber is when that say "And Twins!" It was one of their football commercials. Currently, ESPN plays it as background music to their highlights.
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    Coors Light "Wingman"

    Whats the name of the song and the singer who sings the wingman song for a beer company, i think its coors but im not to sure. The commercial has a man with a guitar and he is singing to a man that is sitting with a girl while his friend dances with someone. Can anyone help?
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    Coors Quincy Dr Dre and Pharrell

    Does anyone know if the song used on the Coors commercial set on the tour bus is an actual fullength song? Name? Its instrumental, very tight funky groove. Commercial stars Quincy Jones, Pharrell and Dr. Dre. Any help would be appreciated.